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Terms of service

Welcome to DreamScape Grid!


These are the Terms of Service (Terms and Conditions) which apply to the use of DreamScape Grid.


To be able to access DreamScape Grid, you must agree to abide by the rules set out below.



You must agree to this TOS which encompasses all policies and amendments to policies, and rules and regulations, set forth by DreamScape Grid management in relation to the use of DreamScape GridGrid, the website and all associated provided services. All decisions made by Your DreamScape Grid team in relation to the above mentioned services are final.

At any Time, the team of DreamScape Grid has the right to alter and so amend this Agreement. Announcement of changes to the terms and conditions will be posted in The News of the DreamScape Grid website.


If you are not able to comply and agree, decline this agreement.


Access will be granted to The DreamScape Grid only if you agree to comply with this agreement.




The DreamScape Grid team aims to offer quality, tolerance and a enjoyable virtual life experience to all members of the DreamScape Grid "DSGrid" community.




We wish your experience to be a pleasant one in DreamScape Grid. If you act as is if you would do in real-life public places the experience will be beneficial to all members of the DreamScape Grid community. Foul language, racist and hate remarks, including unsocial like negative remarks or actions are not welcome in DreamScape Grid and will be viewed as harassment. Our major restrictions are, no adult clubs on the mainland, and restrictions on child avatars as described below.


Adult activity is allowed in Private Regions, however, it is not to be displayed in common public areas. Child pornographic materials are not allowed on DreamScape Grid , even on Private Regions. All adult activities, such as nudity and sexual behavior are restricted from the mainland or common areas.  The fact that you are the owner of the Estate does not exempt you from offensive behavior, under any circumstances, towards another resident of DreamScape Grid.


Offensive behavior will not be tolerated at any time, in any form. If your Private Region is a Role Play world with combat or invasive activites these will be restricted to your region, or regions with the same theme. No combat weapon in common public areas.




Harassment of another resident on DreamScape Grid grid will not be ignored. When this is reported, it will be thoroughly investigated. Based on the conclusions, immediate action will be taken which may result in the loss of your account and the forfeiture of all your parcels. This rule applies to you whether or not you own your own Private Regions or Estate. No refunds will be considered if you are found to be at fault.


There are no rewards for deplorable behaviour to others in-world.




Virtual land is rented for use, on the web site on which the renters may sell their products, and promote information and discussion. DreamScape Grid takes no responsibility for agreements reached between a renter and an Estate Owner. Any claim or other matter relating to a piece of virtual land will be transferred to the lessee or lessor.




Is a 3D character in the DreamScape Grid world. An existing person is allowed to have more than 1 avatar, with the knowledge of DreamScape Grid. When creating your avatar, you agree to truthfully fill out the information requested on the sign in form.  DreamScape Grid does not allow child avatars in any of mainland or common areas.  Child avatars are only allowed on private regions with the owner’s permission.


DreamScape Grid is a service provider, which means, that DreamScape Grid has very limited control of various aspects of the Service. Media. Users, lessees or Estate Owners are responsible for any form of media they use in World. Any costs which are calculated by third parties for their use including any authorization costs are therefore entirely the responsibility for such user, lessee or Estate Owner, which it uses in his or her virtual field.




Your DreamScape Grid Staff and Team Members do their best to maintain the databases and Grid. You retain copyright and other intellectual property rights with respect to content you create in DreamScape Grid . You own the full rights of what you build and so too are fully responsible for the content. If you are the Creator you can sell, export, give away as free, or delete your items at any time. You agree to keep your inventory as clean and arranged as best to your abilities. We advise you to make back-ups of your inventory to your hard disk. On request we do a full back up your Private Regions. You understand and agree that DreamScape Grid management has the right to remove any content, when and where it sees fit, with no notice required.




You agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the registration form.You must select and keep secure your account password. Your disclosure of your password to any other person is entirely at your own risk. You may cancel your account at any time with written request. We may suspend or terminate your account at any time if we feel you have violated this Agreement.


You must be at least 18 years old to experience the DreamScape Grid. Children are not allowed into DreamScape Grid.




The personal information you provide to us during registration is used for DreamScape Grid internal purposes only. We will never share any private data or your identity to third parties, except to protect the DreamScape Grid Service.




The use of prim-copying devices (copybots) is strictly forbidden, resulting if caught, in immediate suspension of your account.




Parcel or Estate renters agree to pay their rental fees on time, based on date of rental, you will pay the rental on front,  If fees have not been paid, the rights to the land will be forfeited.




Your project must fit within our concepts. We want free movement on our grid hence no red ban lines. DreamScape Grid wishes to promote quality and beauty with displays of your work rather than the results of cramming a parcel full of items. You can discuss with us in-world as to whether your project fits the vision of the future of our grid. Not allowed: sale of freebies, large rotating for-sale signs or billboard size signs, heavy scripts, creating “big” unsightly prims.


When you use a program to transfer assets make sure you are the original creator or you have specific rights and permissions granted for items bought or taken free for use within DreamScape Grid. We will enforce proven copyright claims by removing inventory items. We too will defend DreamScape Grid members’ rights to ownership of their original creations, with equal determination.


Due to the existence of several malicious tools, it is entirely possible to take items and textures when permissions are not otherwise granted from Dreamscape Grid, and/or any other grid. Full permissions items on DSGrid may not mean the original creator has granted consent to take an item from one grid to another. Make all reasonable efforts to obtain permission prior to upload. See below for a suggested email sent to a Creator giving you the right to use their creations whether those creations are designs, structures, textures and/or  animations, poses and/or scripts




1. Designs, structures, textures, animations, poses and/or scripts that are purchased with Full Permissions by an individual, whether the individual is a Client or a Customer must be obtained with written permission in an email from that Creator and state that the buyer of those items has full permissions. This will allow the resale of a design, building, animation poses and textures; not limiting to these items; by another Creator. Written proof of this transaction must be submitted as evidence that the Creator has granted authorization for the use of their designs, structures, textures, animations, poses and/or scripts to be used in DreamScape Grid.


2. Any individual who takes what is not theirs by any means will be subject to arbitration. Depending on the outcome of this hearing, the decision may be that your account is deleted and you are no longer allowed into DreamScape Grid.


We understand Second Inventory is a useful tool; there is no ban on this tool. We only ask our residents to help us balance this unique and heavy load on the DreamScape Grid.